Sunday, March 13, 2016

Oh heyyyyyyyyy,

Yep I'm here. I'm still kicking. And in the year I've been gone I've even created a whole other human. Yep, you all missed 9 months of a nearly flawless pregnancy and the birth of my beautiful blue eyed beauty. His name is Samson. And he's adorable. So there's that.

My old space "I frolic and schmooze" just got tired. I needed a change. Yeah I know I brought all of my old posts with me over here, but this is new and pretty and it's reviving my interest in blogging again. I have thoughts that need to be written down! So many stories that I've missed because I didn't want to think about all that old ugly design that I did with obviously very little html knowledge. Plus I downloaded a new blogging app on my phone so I don't just depend on my computer anymore. Seriously though, does anyone even use computers anymore? My laptop is so full of pictures and old college essays and oh the inconvenience of it all. I really only pull it out (from under the couch #classy) to edit pictures. So, blogging apps to the rescue. #imincrediblylazy

The reason behind the name Bluish Bear is as follows: Basically, I'm hoping to open up a shop here sometime this year (or next year, or the year after, whenever I can learn to get off my butt and just do it). When I first got into illustrating and painting and drawing and all that, my favorite character to draw was this little bear. I'd doodle it on every white board and I thought it was the coolest thing ever and my 7 year old self felt so talented. I've actually done a lot of different "bear" creations since then and I'm sure there is some psychological reason behind my love for them but yeah, there you have it. And Bluish is just a fun word to say and a fun color to put to everything. I love Bluish.

So stay tuned. Maybe someday you'll give me money and I'll paint something special for you. Until then, let me just talk about myself and my boys and my Seattle and Girl Scout cookies and all those important things until you're so bored you leave. I'm feeling rusty. I need to get these writing chops back up to speed.

But anyway, it's good to be back. Follow my blog with Bloglovin

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