Rory James at 2.75ish

Sunday, August 21, 2016

I've been wanting to do an update on Rory for the longest time. I hope to write one every 3 months or so because DANG these kids grow and change so fast. So here is Rory James at 2.5. Or more like 2.75 years...

Every morning he wakes up and within 20 minutes asks "Peese? I go outside?" and no matter how cold and windy it is he refuses to wear a sweatshirt or jacket. He lines up all the cars he can carry on this rotting round wooden table we got from our neighbor and for hours and hours he will drive them carefully around and around and around, giving each one its own special turn and sound effect. If I happen to be sitting on the stoop by the sliding door he'll ask me to comment on how loud each one is. "Mom! You wan say 'Oh dat toh wowwd!"

He is wearing size 6T shirts and 4-5T bottoms. Giant.

He wants chocolate milk at all hours of the day. Food has never been a huge motivator for him but he'll do nearly anything to get some chocolate milk.

He is independent. Loves playing by himself. He sings and talks loudly while he plays. His favorite songs to sing right now are "Life is a Highway" by Rascal Flats (from his favorite movie Cars), what he calls the "Oh Oh Oh Dong" which is the Shakira Zootopia "Try Anything" song. Sometimes we'll watch music videos on my phone while he settles down for a nap. For a long time he only wanted the "Gone gone dong" which is John Mayer's Dreaming With a Broken Heart (you know how it goes "'cause she's gone, gone, gone, gone, gone...". He recognizes John Mayer on the radio and says "Hey dat's my Don Mayder dong!"

I don't remember the last time he played with anything that wasn't a car or a train. He brings a handful of little hot wheels cars with him everywhere he goes. If he has to go potty, he'll be grabbing car after car after car and holding them to his chest while he dances and tries to hold it in. Then he'll sprint to the bathroom and line them all up on the counter before he'll let me pull down his pants and put him on the potty. His reward for keeping his underwear dry all day is being able to take a few cars into his bed at night to play with while he goes to sleep.

He's starting to outgrow his naps. When he does nap he stays up until 9:30p, when he doesn't he can barely make it to 7p. So usually twice a week he'll skip his nap and I get to have an early night.

His vocabulary is incredible. I don't know where he picks up some of the words he knows. Today when I called the car he was holding a firetruck he sighed and said, "No Mom. I towd you. It's a fire ENGINE."

He needs to do everything himself. It's not just a desire to be independent. It's an actual NEED. I'm not allowed to put him in his carseat, he must climb in himself. "BY DELF" is a common phrase in our household.

My life with him is basically one big negotiation. Back and forth back and forth. No Rory you can't bring your giant dump truck to the store it's too big to hold. Okay fine you can bring your little dump truck. Oh, you want to bring two trucks? Okay sure bring two. No, not seven. You can bring two. Okay let's get your shoes on. You can bring three trucks if you let me get your shoes on. No socks? Okay fine whatever no socks. Let's go out the door. No you can't bring your blanket and pillow too. *tantrum*. Nope, sorry, those need to stay home. Come outside or else I'll come pick you up. Don't forget your trucks. Let's go to the car. Do you want me to put me in the car or can you get in by yourself? By yourself, okay. No, don't get in the driver's seat. NO RORY DON'T GET IN THE DRIVER SEAT I ASKED YOU TO GET IN YOUR CARSEAT. Okay there! Thanks for being a good listener Rory! Now let me go get your brother....

Speaking of his little brother! When Samson was really tiny I was holding onto the hope that by the time he could roll over or interact more that he and Rory would have a super cute relationship and would love each other dearly. Well, no. That's not the case. To be honest if Samson was taken away I don't think Rory would even notice. I try! I try to get him to care. I'll say, hey Samson is awake! Let's go get him and give him a big hug and kiss! And Rory says, "No YOU get him." But I guess love can't be forced. We'll see what happens in the future. I'd really like for them to be friends lololololololololololol

He finally stopped drooling a few months ago!

No matter what we try, he wakes up in the morning soaking wet from an overfilled diaper. At the moment we are using a large overnight diaper with an industrial sized overnight lady's pad stuck inside, and another large diaper over that. Double diapering. It works maybe half the time. I wash his sheets daily.

He still is the best traveler. Anytime we get in the car it's constant commentary on the cars we see driving by. "Wook! Bih engine! Here comes! Dee Mom? Mini ban! Mini ban mini ban mini ban... Wook a wewwow mini ban! Tell me dee garbage gwuck mom k? Tell me dee it." He does so so well on long car rides. Very content to play on the ipad, eat junk food, and watch movie after movie after movie.

He knows all of his colors and constantly describes everything he sees using their colors.

He stumbles on his words and I love it when he stops and thinks about what he's going to say. His communication skills impress me every day. I love hearing him speak.

He is a funny little playmate. He'll find someone he admires and will latch himself onto them and follow them wherever they go and copy exactly what they say and do.

He gets in these crazy moods whenever we have company over or he is meeting new people. I call it his "performance". He will babble in baby talk (confusing everyone around him) dance around doing monkey flips and weird jigs, laugh at nothing, scream and interrupt every conversation. All until the excitement dies down and then he will go play independently somewhere and come over every so often and say "MOM! I hear a dump truck! *beep, beep, beep* (makes the sound effect himself) Hear it?" and then go back to resume his play.

Every meal he is required to do a "try bites". He just needs to try every different item on his plate in order to be done. This is because all he wants is fruit, bread, and cheese. Nothing else ever ever ever. So he'll yell "NO I ALL DONE NO I ALL DONE NO I ALL DONE!!" until he gives in, takes an itty bitty taste, makes a big show of spitting it out onto his plate and then goes back to yelling "NO I ALL DONE NO I ALL DONE!" We're working on it.

He IS potty trained. He IS. But right now we're at the point that it's a good day when there are no accidents. And they're hardly ever big giant full on accidents. He'll start peeing and realize "OH NO" then hold the rest and make it to the potty to finish off. I'm back to offering rewards for dry days because man I just cannot keep changing that kids underwear all the time. At one point, in our frustration, we said "Well! If you're going to pee in your pants like a baby, maybe you should just wear a diaper like a baby!" and ever since he will very convincingly tell us after each accident "I NOT A BABY! I a big boy! I no go peepee in my pants, OKAYYYY! No more!" And then two hours later, repeat the whole scenario. It's fun. He still wears diapers for bedtime and nap time. Not going to cross that bridge for a LONG time I'm sure.

He tells me all the time what he wants to do when he "gets big like mommy daddy". One time he said he wanted to be a hospital so he could help people. I thought that was the cutest thing in the world. Most of the time it's a mailman so he could drive a mail truck, or a construction worker (he pronounces it "pwutten werker") so he can drive an excavator ("eck-gator") or he wants to fix airplanes like Daddy.

He's been crazy cuddly lately. Wants hugs and kisses ALL the time. Wants me to hold him and carry him room to room. He is very attached to a certain bright green "football blankie" that someone made him for one of my baby showers and his pillow, which is a little gray cloud pillow and when he wakes up he has both stuffed in his arms as he walks out of his room to come find me. He still uses his clock as a guide for when it's okay to wake up. The clock turns green at 8:00am and I usually hear him gasp and clamber quickly out of bed. Who knows how long he is really awake.

And yes. I'm aware these are not his best pictures. No filters, nothing special. He had just woken up from his nap, wearing no pants and just a diaper, which he refused to change. And he wanted to eat a bagel. This is just real life stuff. I'll do better next time, I swear. But yeah. There it is. Rory James. My best buddy. The most entertaining, hilarious, cuddly, kid you'll ever meet.

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