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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hey there Samson bear,

I'm a few weeks late writing this post, but at least the pictures were taken on time! You sir, are six months old. Half a year. I feel like I'm really getting to KNOW you now. It's taken a while! You've been a tricky baby. But now we are getting more familiar and comfortable and it's wonderful.

At your 6 month checkup you were 17 lbs 15 oz (63%) and 27 inches long (76%). You only gained one pound in two months, which has been worrisome for me! As hard as I try, you are not super interested in nursing, especially now that you've started solid foods. For a few weeks I would attempt to nurse you probably 10 different times every day only for you to pop off after 2 minutes and refuse to re-latch. You were done when you were done. I tried limiting the amount of solid food you ate and nursing you more and more and more times and you really just didn't want anything to do with me.  It caused me a whole lot of stress until finally I gave in and said "enough! eat whatever you want!" So now I nurse you once every 2.5-3 hours or for 3-4 minutes and then feed you three square meals a day. Sometimes you put away as much food as your big brother. I've really had to take a step back and let go of my controlled grip and figure out what works for US. Nursing is a shared experience and I can't force it. Lesson learned! If at your next appointment you haven't gained enough weight I'll probably start supplementing or pumping or finding some other solution. But for now, this is working for us and you are happy again.

Those few weeks where I was pushing the boob so hard were rough. Looking back I think it must have been because you were hungry! All the time! But I couldn't ever figure out what was wrong. You wouldn't be put down for a second and you whined and groaned and complained any time I even looked away from you.

But then we went to Aspen Grove and I gave in and just FED you. You were the happiest you had been in such a long while. My family absolutely adored you. It's impossible not to! You are an amazingly beautiful baby and you always have a smile on your face, even when there's nothing to smile at! You look around happily, those eyes squinting, that mouth agape, and just wait for someone to catch your eye so you can make their day. The counselors who watched you for sometimes 7 hours a day didn't want to let you go. They told me you were one of the happiest babies they had seen all summer.

You learned to sit up while we were at Aspen Grove. At first when I took you to daycare I'd place you on your stomach (a position you don't particularly like) and by the end of the week you were sitting SOLIDLY. You hardly fall over. You are days away from crawling too. Rocking back and forth on your hands and knees. Occasionally throwing yourself in a direction. You like to wind around in circles and clear away all the toys in your path.

My favorite thing right now is the way you talk. That quiet time when we are cuddling right after nursing, you stare up at my face and purse your lips and "ggggggrrrrrrooooooo. mmmmmmm.. ooooooooddddddddoooooooooo". So many different noises. All accompanied with a giant smile.

You're much more aware of the things around you and sometimes you'll ignore the toys in front of you and search around until you see something you really want to play with. Usually the box of wipes or somebody's feet if they're within reach. You are a DROOLER. Just like your big brother.  Most of the time your shirt is soaked by the end of the day.

Your hair continues to grow. Those long locks are getting wispier the longer they get. But still gorgeous, and the color is fantastic. It's growing in blonde- giving you a reverse ombré effect. Everybody comments on your hair. A lot of people come up to tell me how beautiful you are. And some people seem embarrassed by it because you're a boy, always telling me- "don't tell his dad that I said he's beautiful, but he is!" as though boys cannot be beautiful. People are weird. You are beautiful.

You are a cat napper. You stay awake for about an hour and a half, then sleep for 30 minutes. 32 minutes, to be precise. So sometimes you take up to 5 different naps every day. Then you go to sleep at 6 or 6:30p, nurse around 3am, and sleep again until 6:30am. Your dad would wake up and play with you sometimes to let me sleep until 8. Since we got back from vacation though we've been pushing a later bedtime (because having to be home by 6 every day IS KIND OF THE WORST). So for the past few nights you've gone to bed about 7:30 and are up for the day at 7, just waking up once to nurse. I can't tell you how great it is to have you sleeping consistently. Your nighttime sleep has been one of the easier parts of your babyhood.

Our dog, Maya, is your favorite. You absolutely love her. If she's ever within sight you'll stop and watch her until she leaves. You open your mouth wide for big kisses and she'll lick and lick and lick until I come over and stop her. She's loving you a lot too, especially at mealtime because when you rake all that food toward you, it usually all drops to the floor for her to lick up. I have to say, having a dog during this phase has been fantastic. Sometimes I'll even set your dirty tray on the floor when you're done for her to clean up (but yeah I sanitize it later).

Your relationship with Rory is still rocky. Now that you're sort of sharing the same play space he isn't really sure how to treat you. I see him come over curiously every once in a while to attempt an interaction with you and then get confused and start pushing you and whining and telling you to go away. It always starts off sweet though, with a hug or a "Hi Dampon!". So, maybe we're getting there? It's a little frustrating for me. I genuinely thought that by this point you guys would be inseparable. I'll give it more time I guess.

I strap you into the Ergo carrier all the time. I'm becoming a pro at buckling you in and out of that thing. You fall asleep very easily in it, which I love, because it's really the only cuddle time we get. You are not cuddly. Nope. You like to be on your own, looking around in your own space. I'm sure you'd be yelling at me to "PUT ME DOWN" all the time if you had the words.

You went on the swings at the park for the first time and you smiled and laughed.

You go swimming with us, wearing your too big white protective shirt and a too large swim diaper left over from Rory's baby days, kicking furiously against the water and smiling whenever Rory looks at you.

You cry any time I turn on the blender.

I bought a jumperoo toy that takes up half our living room, thinking it was the solution to all your whining problems. Nope. You hate it just as bad as being left on the floor for too long.

You have zero separation anxiety and you welcome new faces. You love getting people to smile.

You still fall asleep sucking on a binky, hugging your "Spotty" tightly to your face.

We love you Samson. I feel so lucky to be your mama. You BEAUTIFUL HAPPY little boy.

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