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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Samson Paul, 

We are discovering more and more about you every day! You are such a sweetheart. You are extremely easy going, but if you have an opinion you are going to LET EVERYONE KNOW. You just want to be where the action is and you hate missing out. Your stroller seat MUST be facing forward. When I strap you into the ergo you are constantly leaning and shifting and stretching to see what's going on in front of me. You love to smile. You are showing us new things that you've learned every day. 

Oh I think you are just so smart. Just this week you started signing "all done!" by waving your arms furiously in the air. You clap constantly but I'm not really sure if it's because you love to do it, or if you're trying hard to tell us "more! more!" You seem to prefer saying things loudly when you want something. You've taken to saying "Mah mah mah mah mah!" when you want something and shrieking loudly if nobody is paying attention. Daddy is pretty disappointed that you said my name first. 

You just started playing peekaboo and pat-a-cake. You clap for pat-a-cake and wait for the last line and when we sing "throw it in the oven" you will usually sing loudly and smile wide. Peekaboo makes you laugh every time and it's one of the few games Rory will tolerate doing with you. 

Rory still treats you like a dog, but he's becoming more fond of you. His favorite game is to shove you over and when your head hits the ground you will laugh (because you are so sweet and easy going) and he will turn to me with wide eyes and say "I think he likes it!" because he's trying not to get into trouble. Another game he'll play is when you are trying to follow me down the hallway. He'll roll in front of you and keep you from moving forward. Over and over and over. You'll usually end up tackling each other and getting mad but I am really just happy that you are interacting more and becoming a stronger part of each other's lives. 

Samson bear, you smell different since you started only drinking formula. It's somehow nostalgic. It's still a familiar sweet baby smell, but it's different. 

You wake up with the same stinky breath your big brother has. 

You stopped taking a binky last month. Our go-to move is now useless, but it was sort of a blessing in disguise because it's forced us to sleep train you a little more officially and now you're really good at putting yourself back to sleep when you wake up. 

You started sharing a room with your big brother! I expected it to be the most impossible transition, but aside from maybe two or three sleepless nights you guys have adjusted to each other really well. I love having you two share a room and I think it's a big reason that you two are becoming friendlier. 

It is absolutely impossible to change your diaper. You are everywhere. EVERYWHERE. You won't even hold a toy for a minute. It's a game for you, to see how far you can turn while I'm pressing you with my elbows onto the changing table. The only way I can get you to hold still is if you are drinking a bottle or if I'm animatedly singing pat-a-cake while changing you as quickly as I can. 

You LOVE to bounce. Any time you stand up you are bouncing. I would be walking you around the apartment on those chunky little legs but you'll just drop and bounce bounce bounce instead of walking.

I think this is it for your long hair. It's becoming stringy and unmanageable. It looks so odd and it really just needs a trim. Everybody has a different opinion, and honestly I change my mind every day. But I think this is it. We'll snip it and save it for a scrapbook and you will be a whole new baby. 

You spend your days following Rory and I around the apartment, begging to be held. Even when I sit on the floor to play with you, you barely spend any time at all out of my lap. You love being held. You are always exploring with your lopsided crawl: Left knee, right foot, left knee, right foot. You are getting really quick. We've had to create a barricade of chairs and baskets to keep you from getting to the dog food because you make a break for it any chance you get. Just yesterday you figured out a way to crawl underneath the chairs and get through the barrier so we're going to have to come up with a different strategy. 

You are eating less and studying more. Objects are spend a longer time in your hand than in your mouth, though I still find an assortment of objects stored in your cheeks. 

You like to pull food apart before eating it. Usually that means most the food has been flung onto the table or floor from it being stretched and thrown. Maya is never far away when you eat. I'll never know how much actually gets into your mouth. 

You are starting to go back to 2 naps a day. One around 9am and another around 1:30. They are nice long 2 hour naps every day. It is the first time you've ever had a consistent schedule and I am loving it. You go to bed around 6:30 and wake up at 4ish for a bottle and then you're up for the day around 6:30, although today you slept until 7:15. I always take care of the 4am wakeup and your dad gets up with you at 6:30 and leaves for work at 7:30. 

You are 23 pounds and 12 ounces (96th percentile), and 29.5 inches tall (89th percentile). Your growth had slowed a whole lot around 6 months and now you're right back on track. Your chub is very impressive. 

My favorite thing you've learned to do is cock your head dramatically to the side to be cute. Sometimes you do it when you're shy but it's usually to get a reaction from me. 

Oh I'm so in love with you. You are my anchor in this crazy world of three year old tantrums and no matter what you have a smile ready to go. 

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