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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Hey Sammy Sammy Samson!

You goon! You sweet little bear. You are such a chunker now. You are such a hoot now! I can't get enough of you.

You've learned so much sign language! You are constantly signing "water". You're whole hand bumps bumps bumps against your mouth as you say "waaaaaaa". Right now you have a little pink sippy cup because we lost your manly green one. You also started saying "all done" by waving your arms crazily in the air and sometimes you say "more". 

Your mouth is always opened wide. When you smile I can see all your gums and those four teeth. Something about those two tiny top teeth make me so happy. 

You are always making some sort of noise. When you crawl you are muttering "Sss sss tha tha da da tha sa sa sa". Lots of blowing raspberries and clucking your tongue. You scream like a banshee if I ever leave your sight. Oh so so so so so much screaming. You also scream from your carseat, from the stroller, from your high chair... I must always be in your sight. 

But you are always looking at me from across the room or up from the ergo with a big open smile. Most of the time you are always whipping your head back and forth and back and forth, trying to keep track of whatever shenanigans Rory is up to. You'll look forward and then whip your head back and smile at me while I say "Hi Sam!" and then you'll look forward again. 

You are crawl-sprinting and you get into everything. EVERYTHING. Rory was never this destructive. Right now we have the ottoman and a large basket blocking your way into the kitchen and keeping you in the front room. You HATE it. You throw yourself onto the ottoman, working so hard to try and pull yourself on top of it. You whine and scream and yell until somebody comes and sits on the floor to play with you. We need a long term solution and much better baby proofing because this is not going to work for much longer. 

If I let you loose around the apartment you follow me around like a puppy. Exactly like a puppy, because Maya follows me around too. Wherever I go I have a trail. One grunting crawling baby and one super annoying overly affectionate dog. No privacy for me unless you're sleeping. 

You eat nearly everything I put in front of you. You eat more than Rory. You won't let me feed you though. You'll always grab the spoon and touch whatever is on the tip and then pinch it and put it in your mouth and then throw the spoon on the floor. It's been a while since you've had yogurt or soup or anything because it's impossible to give you more than maybe three bites. You love to violently whack your tray over and over, making your food jump off onto the floor. Maya is always right there ready to lick it up. I'm very grateful for her maintenance skills right now. 

You still don't sleep through the night, although you surprised me by doing it three nights in a row once. Very random. You usually wake up once and sleep until 6:30ish. You go to sleep around 6:30 or 7. If Rory isn't in bed you will whine a whole lot more. If Rory is also going to sleep you guys will chat with each other until Rory crashes and then you're not far behind. I love that you two share a room. 

You had your very first haircut. It was getting so mushroomy and strange. It only grew on the sides. The back looked shaved somehow. We just trimmed it a little and already it's too long. It's getting in your eyes. But you still look like Sam. You still look so cute. It's still a blondeish brownish ombre. I kept the pieces in a baggy. 

You will never keep your socks on. I'm so glad we got you some moccassins because without them you'd be yanking your shoes and socks off constantly. You can't get those moccs off. 

You love to give me kisses right on the mouth. My cheek is not acceptable. You will wait with your mouth open wide going "Ahhhhh" until I let you give me a giant wet kiss. You love the "mmmmmAAAA!" sounds and you'll do it over and over again. 

Changing your diaper is a terrible experience. You are absolutely impossible. It is literally a fight every single time. I try handing you toys, singing songs, playing games and you will still twist and turn and scream and do whatever you can to free yourself. I have to use my elbow to hold you down sometimes. The only time you are still is when you are drinking a bottle. 

You are still drinking formula. The idea of breastfeeding you is extremely weird. This has worked so well for us. You drink 6 ounces right before each nap and 8 before bed. One bottle in the middle of the night and that will settle you down enough for you to fall right back to sleep in your bed. I never rock you all the way to sleep. Our routine is pretty set. You hold Spotty (your knit doll- who now has a hole in his ear) and I hold your bottle and we rock in the gold chair while Rory plays and sometimes you'll watch him and giggle. Then I bring you in your room where the fan is on and the curtains make it nice and dim and right now the little Christmas tree is glowing and I'll sing either Silent Night or La Vie En Rose and then I lie you down in your crib and tuck you in with your rocketship blanket that Grandma Vidmar made you and leave. You will fall asleep within a few minutes. I never would have dreamed of doing something so quick and easy with Rory. He battled me so hard on every nap. I love that you fall asleep all on your own and that you are happy and comfortable in your crib. 

Your relationship with Rory is.... hmm.... well you two share a bedroom now which has made you more comfortable with each other. Which is mostly a good thing. Except when Rory treats you like his little baby pet that he can jump and roll and squish which makes you cry and whine and search for me to help! We are trying to figure out our play spaces right now. Rory is really into trains and, well, you like to tear up the tracks and break them apart and throw them and eat them which will absolutely send Rory into a fit every time. We try to time Rory's train time during your naps. Lately I've told him that if he wants to play something away from you then he has to do it in your bedroom, which, by the way, is constantly a mess because I never seem to remember to move the puzzles off the bottom shelf and so the pieces are always strewn carelessly around the room because you sure love to pull things apart. You. are. destructive. 

You seem like you're more member of our family than ever before. Earlier it was always like, yes it's Andy and Rory and me, and then there's the baby. But now that you are so interactive and playful you just seem more like we all belong together. I don't know if that makes sense, but it makes me so happy and comforted. I was worried for a while that you might always feel like an outsider. But you really do belong with us. I absolutely love being your mama. You are the world to me, you wonderful baby Samson. 

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