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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Samson, Samson, Samson, 

You are the sweetest, chubbiest, yummiest, CRAZIEST, LOUDEST baby in the whole entire world. Oh my gosh. Sometimes I just can't take it. How can one baby be so delicious and difficult at the same time? I can't take you anywhere because you shriek like a pterodactyl EVERYWHERE WE GO. Your mouth is opened wide and you just belt out the loudest scream you can muster. I think it could be cute if it was like, once a day. But it is seriously all the time. All the time. It's the first thing I can think of when I think of 11 month old Samson so it's the first thing I have to write down. 

You've learned self defense. Now when Rory shoves you over because you're reaching for his toy you BITE. He doesn't push you so much anymore. You bite whenever you feel an injustice. If I've left you on the floor for too long and you're hanging on my legs you will bite me. If I'm sitting on the couch and you want to sit on my lap, you bite me. Oh and it just hurrrrrts. 

You also love to pull my hair. 

Okay, enough of the painful stuff. Let's get to the amazing, wonderful things about you. 

You dance. You bounce and bounce whenever there is music. Even slow songs. 

You haven't spoken any words yet, but I can tell you're trying. I can hear versions of "all done", "mama", "dada". I would love for you to learn how to communicate a bit better. Maybe it would reduce the shrieking. You make lots of "thhhhsss" and gutteral noises. 

You sign "water", "all done", and "eat" (although that one looks a whole lot like 'water'). 

It is absolutely impossible to change your diaper because you are STRONG and CRAZY, unless I'm singing "Popcorn popping" or "Once there was a snowman" because you suddenly snap out of trying to get away and you beam up at me while stretching as high as you can for the "snowman" song. 

You have six teeth. Six very sharp teeth, and a small gap between your front two that I'm totally in love with. 

You follow our dog Maya around. She is so incredibly patient, and scared of you. You tug and scratch at her hard. You would rather play with her dog bone than any of your own toys. If I can't find you around the apartment it's usually because you've crawled into her crate and are sitting there, waiting for me to say Heyyyy get out of there!

Lately you've been bringing us gifts. You'll come over and pull yourself up on the couch and toss a little toy in our laps with a big smile. I'll say Awwww thank you I love it! And then you'll reach for it and after I give it to you you toss it right back into my lap. 

You LOVE walking around while holding my fingers. You march march march with your feet popping up so high. If I let you go before you're ready to sit you will scream and be so sad. 

You will eat just about anything I give you. Your favorite foods are tomatoes, blueberries, smoothies, and any kind of juice.

Your relationship with Rory is really starting to grow. You play together rarely, but it's starting to happen. Rory always asks where you are when you are sleeping. He looks out for you- today he shut the toilet lid before you got to it so that you wouldn't try and dip your hands in. I love when you take baths together. That's when you're the closest. You play and splash and Rory will squirt you and pour water on your head.

The best is when you two play with your Dad. He will be rolling on the floor and everyone will be screaming and jumping on him and climbing on top of him. Andy will yell ROAR then Rory will yell ROAR then Samson will yell AHHHHH. It's one of my favorite things to watch. 

Let's see... you got a real haircut! You look SOSOSO good. Little stylin boy. I can't believe we kept your wonky hair so long for so long! Haha

We got Rory a new carseat and you got his old convertible one. Sorry about all the hand-me-downs. You cry every time I sit you in it, although you calm down after two seconds. You do a lot better in this car seat than you did in your infant one. 

Your laugh is this low cackle. I can never get you to laugh, but your Dad gets you all the time. You love going upside down, or bouncing in funny ways. 

I wish these pictures weren't so noisy. It's been wintery and dark all day long for the last week. But that chub. And those pouty lips and almond eyes and stylin hair. My goodness boy. I'm obsessed with you. I know I'm really going to miss you at this age. 

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