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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


While I managed to take your photos right after your birthday, somehow it's taken me three weeks to write this update. That's not a reflection on how fun and sweet you are. I think I'm just a little relieved that you're ONE.

You are a crazy coordinated baby. You learned to climb up the couch, climb off of the couch, climb onto the arm of the couch, turn around, and dangle until you slide safely onto the ground. You climb the little ladder up to the slide and you manage to sit yourself, turn around and slide down on your tummy. You can monkey your way up the slide part too. BUT SOMEHOW YOU STILL CANNOT WALK. You took your very first steps exactly one week after your birthday. I'm so excited for you to be able to walk. It will make going places so much easier because you won't be dragging your hands and knees all over and getting so grubby and germy. 

You are constantly muttering as you play. "Thss thss thss" You say "raaaarr" and "vvvvvvvvv". I think today you tried to say "teeth" while you were sticking your fingers in your mouth. 

You eat just about everything we put in front of you, although thankfully you've stopped eating stuff of of the floor. Your favorites right now seem to be blueberries, avocados, beans, and anything you can drink out of a straw. You LOVE drinking water out of your little water bottle. You really like to have a fork in your hand, although you aren't good at using it. You will hand it to me, I'll stab something on your tray and give it back to you, and then you'll eat it. Over and over and over. Till you throw it on the floor and say "uh oh". 

You can sign "eat" and "water". The signs look the same, but the screaming sounds are a little different to help distinguish. You sign "all done" by waving your arms furiously in the air and yelling "ahhhhh dahhhhh!" Are you ever not yelling? Just this week you learned to sign "milk" whenever you see your bottle. You say "uh oh", "mama", "dada".

We successfully switched you from formula to whole milk. You drink about 18 ounces of milk a day.

You have 8 little teeth. A super cute gap between your front two. I think you might be cutting a few more because your separation anxiety has skyrocketed lately. If I'm within earshot you cry and scream for me to hold you. You follow me all around the apartment, just begging to be picked up. The only time you're happy is when I'm sitting on the floor and you are playing within 3 feet of me.

For the most part, you are sleeping through the night. If you are wet or poopy, sometimes you'll wake up at 4 and need a diaper change. But we stopped giving you milk at night and that has helped. You still wake up around 6am every day, which is an hour earlier than any of us would like. Andy takes you in the front room and rocks you in the chair and you will both sleep there until Rory and I wake up at 7:30. It's not ideal and none of us really like this situation but it's where we are at right now.

You still absolutely love your knit doll that we call "Spotty". You suck on his ears and hug him close while you sleep. One of his ears is completely shredded by your teething.

Sometimes I find you sleeping with your feet up by your head. Like you were sitting and you laid your head down by your feet and fell fast asleep. I can't believe that flexibility! I don't have many sleeping photos of you because you've always been so good at going to sleep by yourself and I've never had to rock and rock and rock you like I did with Rory. It's such a blessing, but oh that sleeping face. I'm actually liking 1 o'clock church a tiny little bit because I get to hold you on my chest while you sleep. Your breath is always so nostalgically stinky.

You take two naps a day. One around 9:30 and one around 1:30. They each last about an hour and a half. When it's time for your nap I'll prepare a bottle and grab Spotty, we'll go sit in the rocking chair while you drink your bottle. When you sit up you always burp and I always mimic you, which makes you laugh so hard. I'll bring you in your room, turn off the light and turn on the fan, I'll usually sing "La Vie en Rose" while you point to all the different things hanging on the wall and make different noises and laugh and bonk your head against mine and give me eskimo kisses and try to put your finger in my mouth. I'll kiss you and put you in your bed and sometimes you'll whine for a few minutes and then go to sleep and sometimes you just roll right over and pass out.

You get so excited whenever you see me holding the ipad. There are a few games that you love. You will press your thumb against the screen super hard to get something to happen. Sometimes you'll kiss the screen. Sometimes you'll pound it with both your hands. We love the Sego Mini games and Peekaboo farm. The iPad has been super useful on all these long roadtrips we take to Spokane and to Utah.

Somehow you will always seek out Maya's toys and put them in your mouth, or toss them for her to go after. You have a really cute relationship with her. You've learned to pat her tummy and put your face close to her mouth for kisses. Sometimes you and Rory will chase her all over the apartment.

I love watching you drive cars across the floor. I love watching you goof off with Rory. You guys will climb all over the couches and laugh. You have a game called "Parade" that you play in the hallway. You will push your new little walker that we got you for your birthday, and Rory will ride his bike, and the two of you will drive back and forth in the hallway while I applaud.

Okay, I feel like there is so much more that I'm forgetting. You're turning into this sweet, opinionated, funny, little firecracker and I just can't get enough of you. Especially since I'm going through such a rough patch with Rory right now. I can always just turn to you to bring me comfort because you're never mad at me. You love me unconditionally and I just absolutely adore you.

Happy birthday baby boy!

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